I am dead

You know guys, i really love angsty stories, and you can see my choice of novel at the start e.g The villain is too beautiful and childish flower(btw i need to edit it hahah). And then when one of my editor suggested Encountering a Snake, i was like :yeahhhh give me the angst:

Tonight, i was just doing my usual stuff, aka translating, and tonight, it is what to do when i become a koi and fall into the male god’s bathtub.

And i already knew this was a fluffy pit, but woah as i translate more chapters, the cuteness exploded in my face. Literrally BOOMZ.

And so i thought brushing face at the boss was cute as heck, but now, ITS LITTLE KOI and here I m writing this post HAHAHA because i can’t handle the cuteness. So the title isnt a click bait because i am really dying of the cuteness. Teehee.

You know what i think i have a fetish for animal and owner relationship. Like i am gushing at those years i operated a zoo’s ML(golden crow) and MC(animal keeper kind of) relationship and here in KOI, i have a white tiger and caretaker.

#no regrets

I can’t wait to share the novel with all of you!

But currently, the update schedule is 1/week because i am a self aware trash translator that have many novels under my hands hahahaha.

Thanks for reading and wasting your 30 seconds wahaha its 3am now. I am going off to my getaway in 3 more hours byebye~

Btw comments give me life, so revive me pls


6 thoughts on “I am dead

  1. Oh my, I think you can already notice that we’re the same, and that’s why we follow you.
    Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
    And we’re depending on you to keep delivering us those delicious stories.

    But still.
    Remember to stay healthy, okay?
    I hope everything goes well in your life.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. GNDKMFKDKD I THOUGHT U WERE ANNOUNCING RETIREMENT and i got really worried because i just found ur translations and you have great taste???? and your translations are so great and funny and cute??? TTim so excited for literally all of your novels youre trnaslating, TT i just read chapter 1 of koi and HOO BOI O///O


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