Don’t do this

I dint post my translation anywhere else and neither did i get anyone asking for permission:”)


9 thoughts on “Don’t do this

  1. Oh yeah.
    I am very sorry you have to go through this.
    It’s been an ongoing problems in WattPad.
    Even us, other language translators are also facing the same problems.
    Idk what to say.
    But please don’t be discouraged.
    You have a lot more fans here then they would ever have.

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  2. I dont understand, if its for offline reading then why dont they just copy amd save the doc? Or save the pages so they load it without connections? Saying that for offline but posting it online lol, so confusing. Its better to ask you permission to make it epub or pdf something for offline purpose. I just dont understand their reason.
    Please dont be discouraged translatorsama 😭😭

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    • I’m one of the people who read it on Wattpad and found the book interesting. But here’s my thought on the “offline purpose”, to me it’s more pleasant reading it at Wattpad as I can adjust the brightness, font and it can auto scroll. So it’s convenient to me. But I do understand how the translator feel and the one who published it at Wattpad should have asked you for permission. This is just my opinion.


  3. Oh God, WTF is that?!
    It’s cheating! Disgusting! Really annoying! 😡
    Uh, don’t know what to say but I hope you won’t be discouraged about this 😣

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