Hello everyone.

Just some update:

  1. That I will be overseas again from 29 june to 9 july, so there will be no updates during this period, and update will resume on 11 july and (I will be away for little short trip again very soon…)
  2. That for Encountering a Snake, I am waiting for my editor and also supposedly co-translator to reply me, so the update duration is a little stretched out. Cough.
  3. I have two novels I like to introduce to y’all, its called ‘Too Much Worries’ set in ancient times and fluff. And the second one is called ‘What to do When I Became a Koi and Fall into the Adonis’s Bathtub’ uhh.. transmigration, shapeshifting, interstellar, game, cub raising……. need i say more? Hahahahahahahhahah. Anyway these two will only be uploaded when I deem I have enough stockpile oh oh oh.
  4. If you noticed, IDWYTBR is daily…. and another novel is gonna join IDWYTBR and be buddy yay.

Much thanks to the readers and fellow editors :”)

Super powered by bl novel, red


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